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Låktatjåkko Fjellstation (1228 m)

From Låktatjåkka Railway Station to Låktatjåkko Mountain cabin and down to Björkliden, to Kratersjön and on to Tornhamn Rallarkirkegård. Then Rallarveien to Paktajávri and back to the car by Låktatjåkka st. On the trail: Ivar Kemp Hansen (Team Harstad), Pål Eirik "Pølsa" Pedersen (Team Narvik) and Sture Pettersen, (Team Svolvær). Sunshine and good weather throughout. This is without a doubt the ultimate bike ride that has everything. Riding the entire first climb takes 1.5-2 hours not including stops to take in the breathtaking scenery. This climb from 550 to 1228 meters altitude is technical in places but extremely physically demanding. The last section is up through a rockgarden which is so steep that some places are nearly impossible to ride. The mountain cabin is staffed throughout most of the summer season and offers accommodation, breakfast and Sweden's highest situated bar in an incredible setting with vast views over the arctic landscape.. The Låkta waffle is a must and a fantastic reward after the tough climb! After you've eaten, you´re ready for the 9km/700m descent on flowing trails all the way down to the hotel at Björkliden. Say no more!

Paktajàvri – Björkliden – Abisko – Kungsleden

Situated an hour´s drive from Narvik over the Swedish border and past Riksgränsen. Singletrack from E10 just beyond the picnic area at Paktajàvri. 45km of flowing singletrack in either direction. The trail has a few short, steep climbs but relatively little altitude gain until you drop from Bjørnefjell down to Rombaksfjord if you choose to explore the western most reaches. Some areas the trail is poorly marked and some asphalt sections on the E10 road will be necessary. On the trip was Pølsa with the Harstad Mafia by Ivar Kemp Hansen, Steinar Rask and Svein-Are Andreassen + The Lofoten Cod SykkelSture. Wet and muddy, but great fun for fine flowpaths. Paktajávri - Björkliden - Abisko is a part of Rallarveien. As a bonus, we explored the first sections of the Kungsleden trail? which is soon to come in its own episode!


Singletrack from E10 at Låktatjåkka and north to the end of the lake Inngajávri. Mostly technical tracks with roots and rocks in between birch trees. Also, some portaging across the marshes, etc will be required. The trail reaches about 4 km in from the main road and offers a lot of challenging technical riding but is well worth the trip. Great picnic area on the river bank.

Holmvannet, Holmvassbu

Some hike-a-bike up and a lot of technical climbing but good fun down! Some sections are impossible to ride due to extremely rocky terrain. During the right season the low lying shrubs are full of blueberries so bring a backpack! I came to the hillside where you can see down to the water and Holmvassbua. Tha last descent is not possible to ride due to steep slickrock and big stones. Map: 1431 I Bjørnfjell, possibly BD6

Kuokkel – Vadvetjåkka nationalpark

10 km east of Vassijaure right by the exit to Kopparåsen is the beginning of the path to Kuokkel. I rode further into Vadvetjåkka National Park. Badass singletrack on both rocky and technical trail to great flow. Slighty upphill the whole way. On the way you pass the engineering house from 1903 that is now in private ownership. Copper was mined during the beginning of the 1900s on Kuokkel and you can still see the remains of tools, mine shafts and housing. Approximately one hour of cycling to/from Kuokkel. However, the trip can be made much longer by continuing far into the park. I stopped some kilometers from Kuokkel, but there were still many km left with hardpacked singletrack. I´m plan to explore this trail further into the national park this season. Big potential here! Map: BD6 possibly 1431 I Bjørnfjell

Låktatjåkka st. – Kärkevagge (The Stone Valley) – Trollsjön

This has to be one of the most spectacular trails in the world! The trip starts down by a small pull-out on the right side of the main road (E10) which has a sign labeled M (unfortunately there are hundreds of these along the way!). Park here and you see a sign showing the Rallarveien trailhead. Follow the signs up and over the railway line and further up and follow trail to the right. You will after a few minutes arrive at the intersection where you see the sign to Trollsjön. The first section is steep and technical so you´ll have to count on some hike-a-bike here. Once you´ve put the first steep pitch is behind you, a fantastic hardpacked singletrack flows inward (and upwards) towards the Trollsjön lake. The Kärkevagge trail winds through, up and around the thousands of rocks that have been strewn almost magically across the valley. Several vantage points on the way offer incredible views over the valley. The last section up to Trollsjön is on more technical and demanding trails and the reward is the arrival at Trollsjön furthest inside the cathedral like valley. The lake is incredibly clear, even at 34m deep you can see all the way to the bottom on a sunny day. Lots of great photo spots throughout. Map: BD6 evt 1431 I Bjørnfjell.

Rallarveien (Abisko – Rombaksbotn, 4 maps)

Rallarveien was also called The Material Road. It served as the main supply road when the railway was built in the period 1898 to 1902. On this road all equipment, supplies and personnel were transported from Rombaksfjord and Katterat in the west to the east end of Torneträsk in the east. Without doubt it is the 15.5 km on the Norwegian side of the border that are the most spectacular. Along the route you will find signs depicting the historical significance of the various locations and established campfire sites. The entire stretch from Abisko to Rombaksbotn is 56.5 km and can be cycled in a day. You can take the train from Narvik to Abisko at 10:40, but then you will not reach the boat from where the trail ends at the fjord at Rombaksbotn. On the warmest of summer days a swim on the beach here is a fantastic way to end a great ride. As there is no road access to Rombaksbotn, one option is to ride up to Katterat station where the train stops at 19:00 on its way back to Narvik. If youre not interested in the 600 vertical meter climb out of Rombaksbotn, start your ride from Vassijaure station before Abisko. You should then be able to reach the ferry exactly at 16:00. This is one of our most accessible and least physically demanding rides in the area but also one of the most spectacular as the trail drops along the cliffed walls of the deep gorge to the fjord below. Whatever length you choose, this is a trip you will not soon forget! Map: BD6 possibly 1431 I Bjørnfjell, 1431 IV Narvik .

Gressdalen – Gressvannet

1.5 hours drive from Narvik to the parking lot in Vassdalen, Nodkjelda. The first part goes on dirt road all the way to Storfossen, and then smooth singletrack to above the tree line. An hour's cycling and you reach the cabin of NOJFF which is located at Gressvannet. Good fishing and swimming in the lake. Continuing along the edge of the lake on the left side you can ride all the way to Lapphaugen and reach E6. The trip takes about 2 hours. Great riding, mostly above the tree line. Map: 1432 III Gratangen.


Another one of our favorites, this trip offers Slick Rock riding combined with mountain scenery that cannot be rivaled by any other spot in the world (Moab, eat your heart out)! One hour's drive south from Narvik, in along the Skjomen fjord and all the way to Fjellbu using the service road (open and freely accessible). Parking about 200 meters after you have reached the top and the road flattens out. From here it is hike-a-bike for about 45 minutes until you reach the granite mountains. Once up on the mountain itself, the terrain opens up with massive bowls, boulders and runs all dotted with small ponds and rivers. There are endless opportunities to play around for hours. This is the big brother of Verdenssvaet which is further to the south in Efjord. The biking over the mountain takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, depending on how much playing around or photo shooting you want to do. ou´ll ride all the time with a spectacular view over the fjord and the glacier on the left. The highest point of the trip is at 804m but most of the riding is done around 700 meters altitude. Some of the small ponds are made up of melt water which will warm up in the summer sunshine and offer a refreshing swim along the way. From the top down to Reinneset it is pure downhill riding on smooth and fast slick rock and packed dirt. Once you reach the road you can roll right down to the Narvik golf course where you´ll need a second car parked as this is a point to point ride, finishing some 30km from where you started. Beware that most of the terrain on this trip should be considered High Alpine (despite the low altitude) and one should always take caution to not get into situations where the terrain does not allow you to continue. There are no marked trails on this ride and the best advice is to stay on the highest part of the mountain as you follow the mountain to the west. Having someone who is familiar with the terrain on this trip is nearly a must. Map: 1331 I Skjomen og 1331II Frostisen.


5 km south of Skjomen bridge and about 20 minutes drive from Narvik in the first 60-zone, you follow the signs to the cemetery. Park up at the cemetery and follow the path to the right. After a few hundred meters you come to a junction. Just follow the path to the left. There is uphill all the way up to Helligdagsvannet (311 m). The path was cleared of trees and overhauled by a lots of eager bikeenthusiasts and has never been ridden before. Up by the lake you get a nice view over the fjord and towards the backside of the mountain Dronningen. The ride down is singletrack royal class. It is 2 km long and 300 heightmeters, which means you do not have to file on the brakes all the time. You can also choose between four different options down, but these are not yet explored by me yet. Map: 1331 I Skjomen.

Verdenssvaet i Efjord

1 hour drive east of Narvik is the famous Verdenssvaet. It is easily visible from the E6 and can be cycled all the way up from the parking lot, on the right side of the road. If you´re in good shape you´ll use about 45 minutes to the top by traversing up. Ride down the backside to the little pool and take a dip in the temperate water that never reaches you longer than your ass ... Continue on with the good stuff on the left side. The whole trip takes anywhere from 2 - 4 hours depending on how much fun you have. A great trip with high mountains and blue sea as a backdrop. Not recommended iwhen it´s raining, because the slickrock gets slippery. Map: 1331 IV Evenes.


An hour's drive south to the ferrystation at Skarberget is Skarbergflåget. Just before the ferrystation, you take left on the fireroad to Lysvold and drive to the rocks on the other side of the mountain. Park here and play a little bit on the slickrocks beneat the sea before you bike to the top of the hill. On the left side you can see the path leading up towards the hill. Hiking the first 200 meters approximately, and then biking on granite mountain all the way up to the cairn. Did this tour by coincident, in that we did was to walk with the dog. Saw immediatly that it was a perfect trail for biking. After the first 200 meters with hiking the landscape opens up and you get views of Norway's national mountain Stetind and the fjord towards Hellemobotn. To the west you can see the mountains in Lofoten. In other words, a spectacular view in all directions. From the top to bottom you get a long and varied biking, where mostly goes on the hard packed singletrack, but also some technical rock sections. Super funny biking all the way down. At the bottom just follow the fireroad from the ferry across to the other side where you have parked. A trip that lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on how much playing and photography. Map: 1331 IV Evenes.


After an hour's drive east towards Efjord you turn right at the junction at the Efjord bridge where you see the sign Skarstad. From here it is about 15 km to Skarstad. As you reach the 60-zone in Skarstad, the road passes over a stone filling. Park on the left side on the other side. Skarstad mountain you will now see to your right. The path can be found at the exit on the right side of the road. There are not many places you can go from sea level up to a mountaintop without going through the forest. Heather and rock with hardpacked singeltrack all the way up. The trip up takes about 2 hours. Map: 1331 IV Evenes.