Who and what is singletracknarvik.com

Singletracknarvik.com is a website intended to give you a look at some of the mountain biking here in one of the worlds most fantastic yet untouched freeriding spots. The man behind it is me, myself, Sture Pettersen. I´m a resident of Narvik and spend my summers exploring new trails, documenting my adventures with my camera. Using Narvik as a base, all tours are within a range of one hour driving from the town. Most of the area is rideable from mid/late June except some of the highest altitudes like Låktatjåkko Fjällstation (1228 m) and Reinnesfjellet (804 m).
A lot of inspiration for my trail exploration comes from the book "Hiking in Narvik and the surroundings", which was written for trekking in the area, by Bjørn Forselv (ISBN 978-91-633-2667-7). I study maps and photographs from the various areas, then venture out and explore the terrain by bike. You will find links to pictures and descriptions of my favorite 13 freeride trips below.
I own a bike-van which can accommodate groups of up to 5 riders. As for the skill level required, most trails require a certain amount of off-road riding experience, but many of the rides are not that technically demanding. You do need, however, a good level of physical ability and stamina for the longest and highest altitude rides! We ride mostly all mountain full-suspension trail bikes with anything from 120-160mm of travel front and back. Bike rentals are not available in town so if youre coming to Narvik to ride, you´ll need to bring your own bike.

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If you are interested in riding these badass trails, contact me at sturepet@gmail.com or facebook 

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